Today We Learn, Tomorrow We Lead


Middle School English

At Thomas Jefferson Middle School, we have adopted a balanced literacy approach to reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing.  This integrated and skill-based instruction incorporates both small group and individual formative assessment throughout the year.  Students read and analyze a variety of texts and write in a variety of modes each year using the Reading and Writing Workshop approach to learning.  At the sixth grade level, students are placed in one of three levels in English.  English 6-1 is an accelerated class, English 6-2 is an average level class, and Read 180 is a remedial level program which targets reading comprehensiion for struggling students.  All levels of English meet for 90 minutes each day.  These same levels make up our seventh grade program also.  At the eighth grade level, we continue with 8-1, 8-2, and Read 180, and introduce an Honors level class also.  Students in 8-1 and 8-H only meet for 45 minutes each day.  Placements are based on performance, teacher recommendation, and NJASK scores.

Our English program strongly promotes literacy and students are required to complete a summer reading assignment each year.  Students are given a list of titles to choose from every June and must read and complete an assignment for the first day of school in September that will help his/her new teacher assess reading level and skills.  All summer reading information is posted on the district website.