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Middle School Mathematics

There are two levels of mathematics classes in Grade 6.  The average classes start with number theory and whole number pre-algebra.  They will cover operations with fractions and decimals and be introduced to the set of integers and operations with integers.  They will begin their study of algebraic equations, as well as some geometry and measurement and statistics topics.

The accelerated classes have no review of whole numbers and begin with pre-algebra topics.  They will cover all the topics done in the average curriculum with some additional geometry and statistical work.  They will also work with ratio, proportion and percent.  The requirements for accelerated math include having above-average skills in computations and the ability to easily grasp new ideas and then extend their understanding to new and abstract areas.  Recommendations are done by the Grade 5 teacher.

In grades 7 & 8, an honors level is added.  These students will take Algebra 1 in Grade 8.  Recommendations for the honors classes will be done by the Grade 6 math teachers at the end of sixth grade.

Calculators are sometimes used in the classroom as a tool for problem solving and exploration of math concepts.  It will be helpful for students to have a calculator at home.  At TJMS we use the TI-34II which is also used at Edison High School.  If you want your student to have the same one, it will be sold through the TJMS school store in September for about $20 or can be purchased at any office supply store.

Preparation for Grade 6 Math

  • Continue to use your Grade 5 Study Island program to keep skills sharp
  • Do some drill work with addition and multiplication facts and use logic and number sense on puzzles and games
  • Spend some time on math websites such as the ones listed below: