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World Language Curriculum

World Language Department  

6th Grade Spanish Class

6th Grade students are learning to talk abou what they do in their free time.  They are talking about the four seasons and the weather, the places they like to go, what they do there and with whom.  In May, they will do presentations for an "imaginary exchange student friend,"  Pedro, from Puerto Rico.  Their task will be to explain to him what kids in the US do for fun in a country that has four seasons.

7th Grade Spanish Class

7th Grade students are learning how to be city slickers, map readers and direction-givers.  (No GPS systems here!)  In May, students will show off their abilities by designing a city map, navigating another student to and from different locations, and will find their own way through a map of tourist spots in San Juan, PR.

8th Grade Spanish Class

8th Grade students are going on vacation!  In this unit of study, students will learn to plan a vacation and pack a suitcase with appropriate clothes and accessories based on where they are going and the activities they will be doing there.

Come see us in action during the "Celebration of Education" on April 27, 2011 and experience walking in your child's zapatos for a few minutes as they teach you some Spanish survival skills!

Spanish Teachers:  Jannine Muniz, Claudia Vergara, Marla Zirin