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Spring Sport Information


Spring Sport Interest Information

Baseball, Softball and Track

An up-to-date sports physical (current within one year of the try-out date) is required of every student who wishes to try out for sports.  All students must submit a completed Physical Form #14-A and a Health History Update form to the school nurse by February 6, 2023 in order to be cleared.  If the student has a valid physical on file with the school nurse and it is within 365 days, you will only need to fill out and submit an updated Health History Form.  

A current, valid sports physical is a mandatory requirement of the State of New Jersey for all student athletes.  All students must submit a sports physical by the deadline date or he/she will be ineligible for try-outs. Due to the volume of physicals we receive and the review process, we cannot extend the deadline. 

All questions regarding the validity of a physical, should be directed to the Supervisor of Middle School Athletics at

  1. Physical Form 14-A (Must be completed by your doctor): Click Here to print out a copy. (Physicals are valid for 365 days from the date of the exam.)

    1. Due Monday, February 6, 2023

    2. Pages 1-2 are to be completed by the parent

    3. Pages 3-4 are to be completed by the doctor

    4. The attached highlights information routinely missed by parents/physicians.  Click here for highlighted information.

  2. Health History Update (Click Heremust be completed if the date of the sports physical exam is more than 90 days prior to tryouts for the upcoming sports season.  

  3. Consent to Participate Form: Click Here

If you plan on participating in a Spring Sport, your paperwork must be completed by February 6, 2023.

Thank you,

TJMS Administration