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Welcome to the Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Counseling Department

We are looking forward to the 2024-2025 school year and helping our students achieve success. 

Please contact us as needed.

School Counselor:  (6th Grade Counselor)
Kayti Jacobs (732 650-5290 Ext. 32020) 

Head Counselor:   (7th Grade Counselor)
Kim McCoy (732 650-5290 Ext. 32005)

School Counselor:   (8th Grade Counselor)
Sara Ward (732 650-5290 Ext. 32007)   

School Counselor:   (6th,7th,8th Grade Counselor)
Magdolen Sleman (732 650-5290 Ext. 32006)   

Laura Hogan, Secretary   (732 650-5290 Ext. 32008)