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TJMS Clubs


2021-2022 TJMS CLUB LIST

Clubs will start on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

Late buses will be available for after school clubs on Wednesdays and Thursdays for bus students but with limited seats available. 

 Please make arrangements to pick up your child at 3:55 PM if they are going to be attending an after school club and do not have a designated bus stop below.

Designated bus stops for Late Bus 1, Late Bus 2 and Late Bus 3 

These are the ONLY stops that will be available at this time and we cannot guarantee that space will be available for every student. 


Late Bus 1

Fox Rd & Edmund St
Brunswick Ave & Kilmer Rd
Duclos Ln & Woodbridge Ave, continue to
Nancy Circle & Meeker Ave
Woodbridge Ave & Silverlake Ave, continue to
Glenville Rd & Miko Rd, continue to
Mill Rd & Horizon Dr, continue to
Woodbridge Ave & Meeker Ave, continue to
Old Post Rd & Waverly Dr

Late Bus 2

Rivendell Way & Plainfield Ave, continue to
Victoria Court & Hana Rd, continue to
Yosko Dr & Truman Dr, continue to
Washington Ave & Rte 27 (Lincoln Hwy), continue to
60 Clif Prescod Way, continue to
89 Truman Dr


Late Bus 3

Rte. 27 & Sycamore St, continue to
Reading Rd at the Rental Office, continue to
Reading Rd at the Swimming Pool, continue to
Waterford Drive at building #8
Donnybridge Rd & Carnwath Ct, continue to
Langholm Ct & Tarbert Ct